A debt consolidation solution for homeowners that could help re-balance your debts

This simple debt consolidation solution for homeowners could help re-balance your debts and help you to start living more freely again. Ongoing budgeting will be important though, as there is no point consolidating your debts only to run them up again and find yourself in a worse position.

Find out if you qualify for a debt consolidation re-mortgage and if it’s right for you. Talk to Justin Fordham, a mortgage consultant within JF Financial who has over a decade worth of experience working alongside debt advice charities and with clients who are considering debt consolidation.

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JF Financial Associates like to keep things honest and ethical. We are NOT a lead generation site; we are just a small local mortgage broker trying to offer honest advice to every client we work with. Even if this advice is NOT to do anything.

We may be a small brokerage, but we are part of the Lifetime Group and the Quilter Financial Planning Network. This means we have the power of a larger network behind us and this gives us whole of market mortgage access. We can therefore work with all the major banks and building societies including smaller niche lenders. What’s even better is we get many intermediary exclusive and network specific deals not available on the high street.

You will be working directly with a consultant in JF Financial Associates or if necessary referred to an adviser within the Lifetime Group, not having your details sold off by marketing agencies to random finance companies.


UK Homeowners who find themselves in over their heads with too many monthly debts payments can reduce their financial stress by accessing equity in their home to consolidate those debts. But this is only the first step to alleviating their financial burdens.

Improved cash flow from debt consolidation along with correct ongoing monthly budgeting can help get their financial life back in order.

We help you with both. We will not only look for re-mortgage deals, but we will also completed a comprehensive budget with you to make sure you are put back in control of your monthly outgoings.

The UK re-mortgage market is always awash with attractive deals, but don’t be misled by record-breaking interest rates.

There is more to a great debt consolidation re-mortgage than just the rate. You need to consider mortgage arrangement fees, booking fees, broker fees, legal costs and valuation fees. What about exit fees or penalties to leave your current lender?

So whilst some lead generation sites may quote deals starting at 1.29%+, you need to look a whole lot deeper before deciding if a debt consolidation re-mortgage is right for you, or in deed if its as cheap as you are lead to believe??

The good thing is at JF Financial, we have over 19 years’ experience in these markets. We don’t quote you the cheapest interest rates! We find you the cheapest DEAL!

We will assess your debts and financial position, evaluate and discuss your options, search for the available mortgage deals and then present the cheapest DEAL that matches all your specific circumstances.

If after all our research we believe it is not right for you to re-mortgage, then that will be our advice!

Getting back control… Consolidating your debt into your mortgage and getting a workable monthly budget in place not only reduces your outgoings, it can give you a new structured way to pay off what you owe, over a realistic amount of time, and get you back in control of your debt.

Speaking to an expert will help you to understand your current position and your opportunities to save.


Example Savings of £590 Per Month

Current Mortgage (SVR 4.5% over 25yrs) £200,000
Credit & Store Card Debt £6,000
Bank Loan £7,500
Total Additional Debt £13,500
Current Mortgage Monthly Payment £1,112
Combined Card & Loan Monthly payment £381
Current Total Debt Monthly Payment £1,493
New Debts Consolidation Re-Mortgage Amount £213,000
New Mortgage Monthly Payment £903
*Possible Saving on Monthly Payments £590

*Figures based on a current standard variable rate of 4.5% and a new Debt Consolidation Re-Mortgage Rate of 2% paid over 25 years

*Store/Credit Card payments worked out paying off over 4 years with a 22% interest rate = £189pm

*Personal Loan representative example: borrowing £7500 over 4 years with a representative rate of 10.6% (info from www.money.co.uk), monthly payment of £192pm, with a total cost of credit of £1735 and a total amount payable of £9235

Please Remember…

Repaying your debt over a longer period of time can increase the total amount to be repaid.

This example shows how consolidating even a moderate amount of credit card debt and a bank loan can potentially give significant monthly savings. However there is no point consolidating your debts, just to go run them up again and end up in a worse position. This is why you need to put a solid monthly budget in place at the same time.

Saving £590 a month is a surprising £7,080 a year. A simple re-mortgage can save you thousands of pounds, but it comes down to your personal circumstances and getting expert advice is crucial!

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"We have been a client of JF Financial for almost 9 years. Justin goes above and beyond to ensure everything runs smoothly. The service this company provides is 5 star. Would 100% recommend JF Financial."

Sarah C, Norwich

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A trusted adviser is always on hand to help try and reduce your monthly payments and find the best solution for your circumstances.

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Answer a few online questions about your finances

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We pop you into our free re-mortgage reminder service and keep an eye on the mortgage expiry for you.

We offer a free initial conversation where we can explain how we work and how we can help you


We have helped so many people manage their money and gain back control of their finances over the years.

We have worked alongside debts charities for over 14 years and have expert knowledge of how people get into difficulty and how to prevent this from happening. Your advice will always be tailored to your individual circumstances.

We don’t sell your details like lead generation sites!

You will only work with a consultant within JF Financial Associates or the Lifetime Group!

Plan to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

If you are interested in paying your mortgage off early, the savings you make on the re-mortgage can be used to make overpayments into your new mortgage.

The majority of banks will allow you to make overpayments each month. The amount they allow you to overpay, without paying interest or incurring penalties, is generally up to 10% of the outstanding mortgage amount. The more you over pay, the quicker the capital reduces and thus the quicker you pay your mortgage off!

Every time your mortgage is up for review, a Mortgage Expert will re-asses your circumstances, assess all you over payments, the remaining outstanding capital, and then discuss any options to reduce your mortgage term whilst keeping the payments affordable.

You will be surprised how many years you could save on your mortgage term with a little tweak here and there!

Of course you don’t have to take this route; you may wish to use the money you save in another way like starting a savings plan or pension. It’s totally up to you.

All consultants within JF Financial Associates and the Lifetime Group are fully qualified. Our network Quilter Financial Services and Quilter Mortgage Planning are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Average savings in the UK when moving from the standard variable rate (SVR) to a lower rate mortgage is £264 per month*. If you move some or all your debts into your new mortgage you could end up reducing your monthly payments even more.

*Figures based on a £200,000 mortgage on a current standard variable rate of 4.5% and a new Re-Mortgage Rate of 2.00% paid over 25 years

Please remember that your home can be repossessed if you don’t keep up your mortgage payments. Also think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

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