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Have you considered how you’d pay your rent or bills if you were sick or worse critically ill for a while?

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Renters “Be Aware” or BEWARE!!

Dad? Mum? Partner? Loved one?
Do anything for them?
Do this before anything else for them!

Losing a Dad, Mum or partner sucks. But losing a loved one, your family home and the things they used to pay for all at the same time. Well that sucks on an entirely new level.

Dying or getting ill is obviously not on your bucket list, but the scary reality is people do die and do get ill all the time, just look around you?

Our Expert Brokers

Justin Fordham and his team at JF Financial Associates are passionate about offering honest advice to everyone. We are also desperately trying to bridge this gap of lack of advice for people who rent homes.

We are that passionate to try and help, that we are offering UNLIMITED CONSULTATIONS to any renter. (*we don’t charge you a fee for our consultations because the insurance companies we use will pay us a commission for offering the advice on their behalf. We also use a network approved panel of trusted providers who all pay similar commissions. This means we are not single tied or favour one provider over another. Quite the opposite, it means we will always select the best provider from our panel to suit your specific situation.)

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"We have been a client of JF Financial for almost 9 years. Justin goes above and beyond to ensure everything runs smoothly. The service this company provides is 5 star. Would 100% recommend JF Financial."

- Sarah C, Norwich

Your questions answered

It’s free to use us to find life insurance – you’ll never be charged for quotes.

We like a challenge, so tell us if you’ve found a quote elsewhere and we’ll eat some kind of hat if we can’t beat it.

“Erm. Yes?” We will happily provide you with claim statistics from our providers if you like. You might be surprised to see how high the claims pay-outs are especially for things like critical illness and income protection!

We’ve all told the odd porkie, but when it comes to insurance you need to tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but… PLEASE! Had a cheeky cig down the pub or at the party? Tell us. The only time insurance doesn’t pay out is when you’re not 100% open and honest during your application.

When you start a policy with one of our insurance providers, they give us a commission for placing the policy with them, hence no charge to you for our advice. All our providers pay us the same amount, so we always choose the right policy for you, not what pays us the most commission. Oh, and our compliance would pull us over the coals if we we’re not 100% honest and transparent!

But don’t just take our word for it. They are all pre-vetted by our network who have stringent standards. They must have the best policy definitions, best price, be financially stable and have the best claims statistics. If they don’t meet the grade, they don’t get considered. So, all the providers we use are the top in the industry.

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, and sadly it’s a contributor to disease and death in many people. We need to know if you smoke because it increases your risk of death. This does mean your premiums are likely to be higher. Saying this, PLEASE be honest with us – if you tell us porkies, your insurance may be invalid and may not pay out on a claim. Instead let us review your plans every year and once you are a non-smoker for 12 months or more, we can see if we can get a new plan for you on cheaper non-smoker rates?

There are a couple reasons you need to speak to someone on the phone.

First – unlike car or bike insurance where there could be a few thousand quid at stake – with life insurance we’re regularly talking about tens of thousands and in some case hundreds of thousands of pounds. For that reason, life insurance companies like to have a recorded conversation to make sure you are who you say you are should there be any disputes if a claim arises.

Secondly, everyone is an individual. We firmly believe that by speaking to real human (aka one of our consultants), we can ensure that we fully understand your specific circumstances and can therefore offer you tailored advice and exactly the right cover for you and your family.

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