Professional Mortgage Advisor In Norwich & Nationwide

In today's market it is essential that you seek professional mortgage advice.

Mortgages in the UK are distributed via the intermediary market, direct from the lender or specific channels. The choices are often confusing if not overwhelming and getting impartial advice is by far the best way of finding an arrangement that best meets your needs. Since the credit crunch began we have seen the number of mortgage products shrink by a staggering 75%. Constant Market volatility also means that some products can change or be pulled from the market at any time and often with no or very little notice

Mortgage products and criteria change frequently to reflect the market place and intermediaries rely on sophisticated sourcing systems to differentiate between products and determine the best product that suits the applicant’s needs. This does not necessarily mean the best headline rate!

People do not want to be sold a mortgage, they want to talk about a mortgage, and it’s all about relationships! If you are looking for mortgage advice in Norwich or nationally, please call us at 0845 50 88 588.

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