Contents and Buildings Insurance

What is Buildings and Contents Insurance?

Your Buildings Cover provides protection for damage caused to the structure of your home, while your Contents Cover provides protection for the items inside your home. You can also get Personal Possessions Cover, Legal Expenses Cover and Home Emergency Cover all within the same policy. Not all of this cover is needed by everyone, so our experienced advisors at JF Financial Associates are here to help get you cover to suit your individual circumstances.

Why have Buildings and Contents Insurance?

When finances are tight, this type of insurance is the most common type to be stopped in hopes of saving a few pennies. Unfortunately, it is not until something happens that you realise the importance of having cover in place. The amount of money it will cost you to either fix the structure of your property or replace the items in your home will far outweigh the monthly premium for full protection?

Types of Buildings and Contents Insurance

There are numerous insurance providers out there including the online comparison sites, so it can be a complete mine field in ensuring you get the right cover to suit your individual needs, as well as a complete waste of your valuable time.

Insurance cover for a house will be different to a flat; the cover for your residential property will be different to buy-to-let properties, as will those working from home. No matter what your individual situation, JF Financial Associates are here to help you! This is something we do daily and will offer you advice on the right cover, at the right time, to suit your individual needs.

Why use a Broker for Buildings and Contents Insurance?

Specialising in Insurance, JF Financial Associates will talk openly and honestly about the level of cover you require, to ensure that should the worst happen and you need to make a claim, you aren’t left under insured. This unfortunately is something we’ve seen happen far too often, resulting in individuals having to personally make up the shortfall. Not an easy task!

So, if you are looking for a policy that won’t break the bank and means you have the cover you need, please call an experienced JF Financial Associates Insurance Broker today on 0345 508 8588

JF Financial Associates will never sell you something you don’t want! We offer building & contents insurance advice on what you need!

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