Retirement Planning Services in Norwich for Happy and Comfortable Retirement

One of the biggest goals in life is a happy, comfortable retirement. At whatever age you plan to stop working, you will want to ensure you have enough money to go with your new-found freedom.

JF Financial Associates are mortgage advisors and mortgage protection specialists, so we do not offer advice on pension or investments. We are however part of the Lifetime Wealth management group, so where appropriate we will refer clients over to a fully qualified financial advisor within our group when pension or investment advice is required.

  • Are you close to retirement and need help and retirement planning advice on making the most of what you have for your future?
  • Do you have your own company and are interested to learn more about how a Self Invested Pension Scheme may benefit you?
  • Perhaps you are self-employed and want to know what your best options are?
  • Maybe you have a number of pensions from previous employer schemes and you don’t know where they are and how they are performing?

Preparing for retirement

Perhaps your aim is to have paid off your mortgage, go travelling, or buy a cottage by the sea, but it’s worth knowing that even the small financial decisions you make between now and then could affect your ability to retire when and how you want. A regularly-reviewed financial plan, starting now, will keep you on track to achieve whatever aims you set yourself.

Your future starts now

With all the publicity in recent years, it’s easy to think that finding enough to live on when you retire will be a struggle. While it’s true that a badly-planned retirement can lead to difficulties, the quality of your future life can be greatly improved by your actions now, and you can take complete control of the outcome. A properly structured financial plan, with the right pension or investment in place, can set you on the road to a fruitful and happy retirement.

The sooner you make a start the more advantageous it will be in recreating the lifestyle that you want to secure for yourself and your family at a time when you have planned to take retirement.

PLEASE NOTE – The value of pension and investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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