JF Financial Associates are mortgage advisors and mortgage protection specialists, so we do not offer advice on pension or investments. We are however part of the Lifetime Wealth management group, so where appropriate we will refer clients over to a fully qualified financial advisor within our group when pension or investment advice is required.

Your responses to some simple questions will allow us to establish your attitude to risk verses reward and we can then use this to create an investment strategy that matches your outlook.

For example, an “adventurous” client may be happy to take greater risks with their money in the hope of receiving greater returns. If you are a more "cautious" client, you may well be happy with lower returns and a greater degree of security. It may be you want to be able to have a mixture of the two and by matching your investments to your attitude to risk, you can be sure that the products chosen are right for you.

Our products include Managed Funds from Intrinsic Asset Management. These funds are regularly monitored by our chosen fund manager Henderson’s, which has an excellent reputation in the fund management world.

Continuous monitoring ensures that poorly performing assets are quickly replaced and returns meet the expectations set by our investment committee. For the more experienced investor, we also offer the opportunity to build a portfolio of external managers and funds that you feel meet your investment objectives.

We will review your investment strategy and portfolio on an on-going basis, making adjustments and rebalancing as your or market circumstances change. By offering you the experience, quality and flexibility of the Lifetime Wealth Management team, you can look forward with confidence to building a long-term investment strategy.