Family Income Benefit

Guest Blog by Justin Fordham from JF Financial Associates – talking about Family Income Benefit

The CRITICAL second part to the Mortgage Protection Equation everyone seems to miss!

You always hear people talk about mortgage protection, but that is only half the equation when it comes to protecting your home and family.

This is especially true if you have a dependant adult like a house wife or husband, someone who is disabled, or if you have young dependent children.

The problem is not many people know what the other side of this equation is!

So let me take you on a quick journey…

  • Married couple with 2 kids
  • Mr earns a respectable £2000pm
  • Mrs looks after their 2 kids but works part time and brings home £500pm
  • Total income £2500 which is nice.


  • £750pm for their reasonable sized mortgage
  • £1042pm on other general house expenses (Ctax / Elec / Gas food etc)
  • £300 pm for child care etc (this is being conservative in most cases)
  • £2092 Total outgoings per month
  • £2500 income minus £2092 outgoings = £408 spare

All looks good right? …Or does it??

Scenario 1 = So now Mrs passes away   Mr income = £2000 Mrs = Zero Total Income = £2000   Outgoings = £2092 – (£750 paid off by mortgage protection) = £1342 left   Mr net income = £658…… but   Does he need extra child care now mom passed away? How much will that cost?Does he need to give up work to look after kids?Does he need to go part time? Will he still earn enough to support the house?Does he need to work more to support the house, but how does he do this with 2 kids? Scenario 2 = So now Mr passes away   Mr income = Zero Mrs = £500 Total Income = £500   Outgoings = £2092 – (£750 paid off by mortgage protection) = £1342 left   Mrs net income = MINUS – £842   How does she put food on the table?How does she pay the running costs of the house now?Does she need extra childcare so she can go to work full time to support the home?Does he need to work more to support the house, but how does he do this with 2 kids?

When it comes to Insurance, most people are almost always price driven.

They would rather take “Cheap and Basic” insurance cover, and then go out and take something like the top SKY TV package instead.


They take bad advice like in the example above, and only put half the cover they need, and leave their family in tatters or worse homeless.

If these clients were both 30 years old, fit & healthy and non-smokers. In order to rectify this shortfall in their budget would have cost them only around £11.00pm!

Don’t underestimate the value of professional advice when it comes to protecting your home, your family or your business.

That little bit extra you might pay for the correct cover, could make the world of difference to who you leave behind!

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